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Where can one buy a cheap metal shoe horn ONLINE, one of the short type not long handled??

Go to http://www.emocs.com/coolstuff.htm they have a lot of different kinds just weed through the site.

Where can one buy a cheap metal shoe horn ONLINE, one of the short type not long handled??
Reply:u can most likely look on ebay and look up metal shoe and it will give selections
Reply:If you shop at Nordstrom (in the shoe department) you can actually get one or two for free w/ purchase! :)

Or you can even go up to the register and just ask - they just might give you one?!


I am looking for a shoe horn with a very long handle? Do you know any stores or internet sites?

I am 6%26#039;3%26quot; and weigh about 620 and I can%26#039;t reach my feet to tie my shoes because my large belly stops me from bending over. I would like to get a long handled shoe horn to get my shoes on without having to always ask others to help. I chose to be this way because I love being very fat. I was always doing well at reaching my own shoes but once I got to 500, I have been challenged. The first time I had to get the locker room attendants to help me after I had played golf. Since then as I put on another 100 plus pounds my large middle keeps me from getting down to put on or tie the shoes. You can mock me for being this big, I don%26#039;t mind. I would like to not have to ask my friends to do this when we go swimming.

I am looking for a shoe horn with a very long handle? Do you know any stores or internet sites?
Most better men%26#039;s stores carry long handled shoe horns. Think in terms of that store where you%26#039;d buy a suit or a nice tie. Probably in the mall or close by.

Also available at http://www.rehabmart.com/dressing.asp

and at http://www.footsmart.com/P-Jockey-Long-H...

and at http://www.mysimon.com/9015-10946_8-3111...

and at http://www.amazon.com/Long-Handled-Shoe-...

and at http://www.comforthouse.com/24shoeh.html
Reply:...i have a hard time believing you are for real.
Reply:they sell them in catalogues,

last one i saw was in an ad for older folks who have trouble bending over

check the web
Reply:I often see these at second hand and thrift stores
Reply:IKEA is where you get the really long shoe horns. They are like a foot and a half long!
Reply:www.livingxl.com They have everything for oversize people.

Reply:what about the ones that horseback riders use to put on their riding boots. Those are extra long and help you get yourself situated into the tight boots and then you twist it to get it out of the boot... check a tack store or an online tack store.
Reply:Your friendly local disability shop is where.

I%26#039;m sure you%26#039;ll also find them online, or if not look up your local physiotherapist and they%26#039;ll know where you get one.

I%26#039;ve got one, as I%26#039;ve got osteo arthritis, so can%26#039;t reach on my right side. Slip on shoes help too, but with winter coming up... Brrrrr!

Enjoy the swimming.

Thanks for giving permission to mock you, but I%26#039;m really not a prejudiced person. It%26#039;s your body, your life and your choice. You sound like you%26#039;re having a good time. Enjoy.
Reply:why do you love being so fat?


What is different bettwen "Shoe Horn" and "Shoe lifts"?

Hello all,

I search by google trends and i found many people use keyword %26quot;Shoe horn%26quot; than %26quot;Shoe Lifts%26quot;.

With my knowledge , i think they are same ...but i do not know why many people in America, Australia use %26quot;Shoe horn%26quot; and many people in Germany , France use %26quot;Shoe Lifts%26quot;.

Any ideas about this ?



Thanks you %26amp; best regards,

What is different bettwen %26quot;Shoe Horn%26quot; and %26quot;Shoe lifts%26quot;?
a shoe horn is an implement to ease your heel into a shoe or boot. shoe lifts are pads of foam or similar placed in the inside to raise your heel up to give you more height mainly used by men.


Where can I find a shoe horn?

Alot of places sell them where they sell insoles, etc. Try Wamart, CVs, etc. If nothing else, a shoe store should sell them.

Where can I find a shoe horn?
Its where you left it.

maintenance repairs

What kind of an instrument is a shoe horn? Can I get a size 11D boot horn?

A shoe horn is a cross between a blow horn, a trumpet, a saxophone, a bass drum and a grand piano. It is easy to to play relatively . However some pieces can be difficult. The harder ones are the marching band tunes when you are required to play all the instruments at the same time including the bass drum. Playing the bass druma and the piano can be quit diffficult esp. when you are playing the sax and and trumpet already. Some composers have writtten for this conglomeration but not for hundreds of years and most of their work is noww stored in the guggenheimer autostraccsheser museum in Berlin Germany.

What kind of an instrument is a shoe horn? Can I get a size 11D boot horn?
It is a metal or plastic tool used to slide your foot into your shoe or boot. I%26#039;m certain you could, at a specialty shop-generally any size foot can use one.
Reply:a shoe horn does not have a size.

It is simply an elongated spoon-like implement to hold against the heel of the shoe and let your heel slide down to protect the support in the heel of the shoe. It keeps you from breaking down the shoe part that goes around your heel.

For a boot, it has a long handle so you can grasp it outside of the boot.....still no sizing involved.

Here%26#039;s a photo of one for a boot or shoe:
Reply:They don%26#039;t make a boot horn. A shoe horn is used to help you get into new shoes.


When was the last time you used a shoe horn?

I used them ALL of the time when I was a young kid (5-ish). I%26#039;m now 22 and haven%26#039;t used one in like 14 years or so! Just wondering... when did you last use a shoe horn?

When was the last time you used a shoe horn?
the last time i used one wasnt because i needed to but because i was like 6 yrs old and wanted to imitate homer simpson in an episode where he says%26quot;ooooo look a shoe horn!! foot goes up foot goes down!! foot goes up foot goes down!!!%26quot; but that was ppssssshhhh like 12 14 years ago!!
Reply:Shoe%26#039;s have horns?beep beep! I wear western boots only, they don%26#039;t have horns...
Reply:The last time was yesterday when I was buying shoes. But I rarely use them unless I am buying shoes.
Reply:I can%26#039;t even remember
Reply:Spooky/but used one to-day (as u say)not in a long many a year.

Brrrrr! that is spooky.

Merry xmas/new year.
Reply:My shoes never come with horns!
Reply:Years ago, my dad used to use them when putting my shoes on!! Probably about 20 years ago!
Reply:I never use them. By the time I get the shoe off, scrape away the mud from the mouth piece and spray it with deodorant it%26#039;s to late to blow the horn.

etak, that sound interesting, wanna e-mail me the details.
Reply:last night, in bed...................don%26#039;t ask

credot siosse

Poll: How do you honestly feel about shoe horns?

I need them. In fact....when I moved a year ago my shoe horn was lost and I couldn%26#039;t find one anywhere here where I moved. I looked and looked, went to shoe stores and no one wanted to give one up. I ended up going on line to order one. I love shoes and for some shoes you of course need shoe horns....so I need and love shoe horns...they serve their purpose in life. In fact I now have one with a long handle and a regular one!!!

Poll: How do you honestly feel about shoe horns?
My Grandfather used to make shoe horns out of wood in his garage wood shop. They had long handles so you don%26#039;t have to bend over to use it. I still have one, so, all in all, I guess you could say I feel good about them, honestly : )

Reply:I paint them pink and prominently display them in a glass case on my front lawn so that others may also appreciate them
Reply:I have no feelings toward shoe horns. Don%26#039;t own one, never used one. They don%26#039;t even enter my mind unless someone else mentions them.
Reply:Don%26#039;t hate them

don%26#039;t love them

don%26#039;t use them
Reply:since I don%26#039;t have any for my shoes and I don%26#039;t wear those types of shoes I don%26#039;t really feel anything. I use %26quot;boot trees%26quot; - they are great.
Reply:I honestly feel deeply for steel nickel plated shoe horns...
Reply:They do not vibrate fast enough.
Reply:Well, they ARE hard to play...
Reply:They suck, but are fun to throw, especially at people%26#039;s heads. lol
Reply:Not so good.
Reply:I wish they would make it with Teflon.
Reply:um there a bit weird
Reply:I despise them will all of my heart. Honestly!

NO WHAT KIND OF A QUESTION IS THIS? I don%26#039;t give a ****** crap!
Reply:my feeling are numb towards this issue.....

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